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That Place In The Mountains

Avan Timtim | Age: 18

Description: "My childhood of where I was raised and what I remember and my grandpa"

(Grandpa walks in from stage right struggling to sit in in his chair after a hard days work in the yard)

(when he settles he motions with his hand to gather around him)

Grandpa: "Come,come, gather round. I tell you about a place. Close your eyes. Now there's a place not so far away in the mountains. A place where the trees sing every morning with the songs of birds. A place where roosters crows during the day as you start to finally wake up. A place where you can hear children speaking and playing in the backyards and vast open green fields playing pretend who gets to be chief. The teenagers running around having fun and hanging out in the trees as tall as skyscrapers and chasing chickens to catch and bring back to home. Where every backyard was a rainforest and different from the next house to the next. The clear sky with just enough clouds to keep you cool but also leaving room for you to look clear at the light blue sky. As the sun gets lower everything shines in a golden light. Flowers of every kind bloom along roads and trees. Fruits and plants grow everywhere you can see. Mango that is so ripe that you can scoop with your fingers to eat right off the tree. Beautiful birds of paradise would be resting on the fences and roofs resting after their performances in the morning. You could smell the scent of your favorite food in the air whenever you're getting close to home. As you finish exploring the vast forests and ancient ruins of your peoples past you start venturing home walking through this land. As the sun sets and the night arrives the moon shines brightly in the night sky just enough to see everything still. You have the elders singing their songs of old through the night while the kids play with the dogs. The Tutus are in the kitchen creating a whole feast for the whole neighborhood while having fun singing with each other. Grandma did have a voice. While you're waiting you can sit down and look out straight towards the ocean with a clear view of the sand and moon in the reflection of the water with diamond head watching over it in the distance. You can see nightbirds returning from their flight. The sky is so clear that you can lie down on the ground and start counting stars by just pointing them out. Then when they call you in for dinner it's all you can eat. You grab a plate and if it fits on there you can have it. The tutus make anything everytime and if you want something that's your favorite you can tell them and they'll make it for you right away. When the eating is done and all the elders are tired of singing and all the tutus are cleaning up already you help them clean of course. She was always big about that. As you walk through the fields heading for your bed you can see the stars shining brightly above you as if they are lighting your way home so you can sleep then awake the next morning to the birds singing a new song. This is a beautiful place and me and Grandma have been living there up to this day and it hasn't changed at all. Would you like to go there? I can take you there. All of you. Anytime you want just ask me and you'll be there.

(Grandson walks in from the right shuffling in through the door)

Grandson: " Hey grandpa, how you feeling? That's good that's good. I brought you mangos, your favorite. Yup. You might need a spoon though to scoop them out. Here you go. So what you did today? Sing with grandma? That's nice, that's nice. I know how much you two love singing. Every night you two together singing. She was just here? That's good. I see she left some flowers for you, pretty ah. Oh and of course she brought you food. Your favorite. How much did you eat? WOAH almost the whole plate. You still get little pieces in here you know. I know you'll clean up. I'll clean up for you. Oh yea you love counting stars grandpa. How many did you count last night? Yes I know it's hard through the window but still come on I know you counted before you fell asleep. ONLY 5! Ah come on you can count more than that. Did the birds visit you in the morning? Of course they did. You're their favorite, that's why. Well just a little bit longer and you're out of here. Don't worry grandmas okay she's at my house. Oh whos watching your house? Grandpa you remember that old white board house in the mountains you would watch me in. We would listen to records and watch TV when we could. I would go outside play with my friends and sister and when I grew older I started catching chickens and would bring them to your door and scare grandma. The anykind food we would make with leftovers and whatever was in the fridge. The music you would play every night and sing. You do remember, im happy. Now grandpa theres been something ive been needing to tell you for quite some time now. Grandmas been telling me to keep this from you until you got out of here but I think you should know now and not find out on your own. As long as you remember it its okay" (puts hands near grandpa) "Grandpa that place in the mountains, the trees and forests, the birds and flowers, and that old white house its all there. . Hm, when's grandma coming over? Grandpa she was just here...nevermind grandpa. Here what about you out of here, okay? Come let's go get some food. Your favorite.

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