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Let There Be Light

Jayzelle Gomez- Morales | Age: 16

Description: "My piece is a free write poem about someone not being able to accept the news they're being received, making them detached from reality."

Deep into the darkness, while time passes,

waiting for something to bring me light.

Yet nothing approaches me. But,

I still burn. A flame spreading inside me. 

The memory is coming back, haunting me.

A single phone call that made me freeze

Hesitant, shaky voice from the other line,

Delivering this sudden news to me 

Realizing there’s nothing I can do now 

“Please tell me this isn’t real,”

The only words that could be said.

Nothing will ever compare to this.

The flashback ends, I look around

I find myself back in the dark room, 

alone with nothing near. Will I ever leave?

Not a chance, but that’s only what I believe. 

They say the storm will pass soon,

acting like nothing is out of place.

But while they live in the rays of sunshine,

I stay here, in the absence of light. 

They’ll then ask why I’m like this, 

And trust me, so do I.

Yet no one will ever understand,

Hell, I barely do myself. But soon, 

it all became a demand.

Words fall out of my mouth,

running miles and miles.

Making them too befuddled to speak,

for once I wasn’t the one freezing.

Finally the awareness I needed all along.

Nothing ignored and nothing hidden

However, is this when I succeed? 

Is this really the light I seek?

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