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My Room

Alexa Kunkle | Age: 18 | Runner-up

Description: "A poem inspired by having to move around a lot and how my room."

All of me must fit into cardboard boxes

I whisper goodbye to the eerily now white walls

And off I go again

From place to place

Where I am from is without a face

Plane to plane

I press my hand against the cold glass

Silently, I watch as the place I called home grows smal

As hills become bumps,

And houses the size of ants

I unpack all of me into my third room I’ve had all to myself

I let myself spill on the walls, and stretch over the floorboards

It’s always chilly, but I like it

It’s me, messy in the beautiful way

With the walls plastered in posters

And every surface covered in art

Clothes spill out of the doors

Socks reach out from the drawers

Now I have memorized new sidewalk routes

I have yet again learned how to say hello

I have a new ant sized place to call home

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