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  • Serah Florendo-Iboshi

HI Cravings

HI Cravings will truly have you craving your next acai bowl. 

The HI Cravings food truck comes to LCC every Tuesday from 10AM-1PM. You’ll see their inviting purple and white truck parked in front of the old bus stop on campus. What makes their acai bowls stand out from other places is their variety of fresh fruits that comes with each bowl. 

Their acai bowls all have an arrangement of fruits (strawberries, pineapples, and grapes), granola, and raw honey. You have the option of picking different bases which are the classic acai, strawberry guava sorbet, mango sorbet, or coconut sorbet. They currently have 21 toppings to choose from including chia seeds, bee pollen, mochi, and cookie butter. 

There are 3 sizes to choose from: 

  • The Ekahi (10oz) is their snack size which starts at $6. You can choose one base and it comes with their standard mix of fruits, honey, and granola. This is the perfect size for one person to snack on after class. 

  • The Elua (16 oz) is the regular size which comes with 2 bases and it costs $12.

  • The Ekolu 32 oz is the largest size which comes with your choice of 3 bases and starts at $15.

While the bowls are pretty customizable due to their wide variety of toppings, they have speciality bowls which are already arranged combinations to make things easier. Staff illustrator Angel and I decided to try 3 of their specialty bowls in the Ekahi size: the Bliss Bowl, Regular Bowl, and Kapakahi Bowl.

The first one we dug into was the Bliss Bowl, that came with a strawberry guava sorbet base. This bowl will definitely put those of you with a sweet tooth into a state of bliss. It has bananas, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cookie dough, and a drizzle of your choice: nutella, almond butter, or condensed milk, which we chose. The strawberry guava sorbet base was a really good pairing with the toppings because it all blended together in one smooth, creamy harmony. We agreed that the best topping in the bowl was HI Craving’s famous edible cookie dough. It was smooth and warm, yet it had a satisfying sugary crunch. I might’ve had a sugar overload after, but it was totally worth it. 

The next bowl that we tried was the Classic acai bowl which had their standard toppings, which were pineapples, grapes, strawberries, raw honey, and granola. The acai sorbet base was smooth, sweet, and slightly tart. This is a classic that I would recommend to anyone who needs a simple and refreshing treat. 

The last bowl that we tried was the Kapakahi Bowl with mango sorbet as the base. The Kapakahi Bowl has the same ingredients as a regular bowl, with the addition of seasonal fruits, which are blueberries and apples, plus coconut flakes. Angel and I felt that this bowl was our least favorite because it was pretty  much the same as the regular bowl and we didn’t care too much for the mango base. The mango tasted a bit green, perhaps it was just the variety of mango used or because it is not in season yet. However, I would try it again because it was really refreshing despite being a little sour. 

The last base flavor which we didn’t get to try was the coconut sorbet. Angel and I are not too big on coconut, however, a nearby student we passed by said that it was really good! Overall, HI Cravings is a really amazing local business. You could tell from their beautifully arranged acai bowls and quality customer service that they put pride and aloha into  each of their acai bowls. If you’re ever on campus on Tuesday, I recommend giving it a try and I hope you enjoy! 

Check out their Instagram @hicravingshawaii , and their mobile truck @hicravingsmobile

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