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Top 4 coffee shops in Louisiana

If you ever head down south to Louisiana on vacation and don't know where to get your cup of joe, here are several recommendations from someone who regularly visits the state.

1. Cafe Du Monde

Photo courtesy of Flickr

This establishment started in 1862 and is owned by the Fernandez family. Their coffee contains chicory. Chicory is made from a flower plant in the dandelion family. When put in coffee it adds a woody and nutty taste to the coffee. This became a popular alternative or addition during the civil war when coffee was scarce. Depending on your taste buds, you may like their coffee or not. If you like black coffee, then you would love Cafe Du Mondes coffee black because it allows you to taste its rich, bold and dynamic flavors. If you’re into putting cream or sugar in your coffee, then I’d recommend ordering the cafe au lait as it contains warm milk.

Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

Their beignets are made fresh daily and have a crispy texture on the outside but are soft inside. The powdered sugar gives the beignets a sweet, indescribable taste. All I can say is that they are heavenly and go well with coffee in the morning or a late night snack, and luckily Cafe Du Monde is open 24/7. If you’re interested but won't be traveling anytime soon, Cafe Du Monde also sells their coffee and beignet mix online at their website and even on Amazon.

2. CC’s Coffee House

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock

In 2013, the Community Coffee brand created a separate company called CC’s coffee, owned by the Saurage family. There are 43 locations and they are located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the Lafayette market. They also have shops in Mississippi and Texas. They are like a southern version of Starbucks. One of their drinks worth getting is the turtle mochasippi, the restaurant’s own spin on a frappuccino. The rich chocolate and caramel drizzle combined with the dark chocolate blend gives the drink a memorable taste. Community Coffee also sells their products on their website and on Amazon.

3. PJ's Coffee

Photo courtesy of Visit Baton Rouge

In 1978, PJ’s coffee was founded in New Orleans by Phylis Jordan. Over the years PJ’s branched out and built multiple locations in fourteen states. The name PJ’s came from Phylis Jordan initials and they use arabica coffee beans for their coffee. On their website, they sell coffee, tea, mugs, clothing, and more. They have drinks for every type of coffee lover out there. Cold or hot, they got it. Visit their website for details and shopping.

4. Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Complex

If chicory and the southern coffees ain't your thing, there's always a starbucks you can head to. There are a little over 30 locations in Louisiana and the coffee still tastes the same wherever you go. Plus, you can buy their fancy mugs that say Louisiana on it.

There's more great coffee shops in Louisiana. If you ask the locals they know where all the good spots are. They won’t bite. Majority of the people in Louisiana are the nicest people you will encounter. Remember a beignet a day keeps the doctor away.

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