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Egg baskets

By Gerald Soria

Photo by Eddy Domingo


  • Eggs

  • White Bread

  • Butter

  • Any choice of Cheese

  • Spices

    • Salt

    • Pepper

    • Garlic Salt

    • Parsley (Garnish)

  • Optional

    • Cookie Cutter


  1. Cut a circle on your white bread with a cookie cutter, glass top or knife

  2. Spread butter on a heated pan

  3. Optional: Preheat oven to medium high heat


  1. Toast both your bread on the heated pan

  2. Once its golden carefully crack an egg in the hole

  3. When the bottom of the egg has firmed carefully flip the bread over to one side

  4. Lower the temperature to medium low heat

  5. Optional: Take your choice of cheese and place it around the rim of the egg and cover with a pan lid to melt the cheese

  6. Once the egg whites have firmed, carefully use a spatula or slide it off the pan to a flat plate

  7. Add a pinch of any spices to the top of the egg yolk

Optional Steps

  1. Refer to step 3

  2. Take a baking rack and place your egg baskets

  3. Place cheese in our around the rim of the egg

  4. Place your baking rack inside your oven

  5. Wait for 3-5 minutes until cheese is golden brown

  6. Place your egg basket in a flat plate

  7. Add your choice of spices

Serve and Enjoy

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