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Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

By Kalahiki Reed

Some time has passed since young Edna has escaped from the Asylum, losing her ragdoll rabbit Harvey, and has started living in secret with other children in a convent, with the strict Mother Superior in charge. As Edna lays low, her past comes back to haunt her: Mother superior thinks the children at the convent need discipline and calls upon Doctor Marcell, who has survived being pushed down the stairs when Edna hit him with a polo mallet. Now Edna has to erase all evidence of her ever being at the convent.

In this new game, you play as Lilli: a shy, blonde child who lives a friendless-life at the strict convent. Every time Lilly tries to talk to someone, she can barely get a word out before she is interrupted; when that is not happening, she is getting yelled at by Mother Superior for being worthless and unable to do anything right. There is a narrator who explains and elaborates how Lilli sees the world: only seeing the good, and cannot grasp any of the bad.

Overall, the game, and its humor, is much darker, but it also shows the nuances of certain behaviors; elaborating its flaws. It also brings back memorable characters from the first game, while showing the aftermath of Edna’s escape from the Asylum, giving fans some closure. However, this game was criticized for its art style and made emotions difficult to express during some dialogue. Even the game’s ridiculous logic made it hard to solve puzzles.

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