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Valentine's day gift guide

The day of love is slowly creeping up on us. If you're anything like me, you always have trouble finding the perfect gift for your significant other or loved one. Here are some Valentine's gift ideas to help you through this special day.

Flowers and a card

Sure, this may seem a little corny and unoriginal. However, if you have trouble finding a gift, a simple bouquet of flowers and a handwritten card will do just fine. Just because it is a typical gift, doesn't mean it is any less valuable. You can find flowers and a card in any store, and it is very affordable.

Handmade gifts

A handmade gift is the way to anyone's heart. Personally, I would love to receive a handmade gift. Nothing is more admirable than taking the time to create something tailored to your special person. This could include a scrapbook, handmade paper flowers, cards, or a candle. Not only will it show how much you care for the person, but it will also make this Valentine's Day more memorable for both of you. 


A new piece of jewelry. This will work perfectly for both men and women. Chains, necklaces, rings, bangles, and earrings are all great options. It is a plus to personalize it with their initials or name. Everyone loves something that will add a bit of pizazz to themselves.


A pair of headphones could work for gamers, gym-goers, or general music lovers. Speakers will be great for people who love to throw pā’inas and need a new sound system. Brand new laptops can be given to students or anybody constantly surfing the internet. People who love having the newest updates and exclusive apps will appreciate the latest phone. Although it is pricier, no amount of appreciation for a person can be priced.

“Love basket”

If you can't choose one, why not all? A “love basket” mixes small trinkets and gifts in a nicely packaged box or basket. Whoever is on the receiving side will truly feel pampered. You’ll be able to include all the items they love without leaving anything out. 

Getting the perfect gift for someone is something many people will stress about. I hope this guide provided a little more comfort to you and your gift-giving endeavors.

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