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The Pearl

Looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or just looking to try something new? Look no further than The Pearl, LCC’s very own restaurant run by culinary students. 

Students run the entire operation from cooking to serving. When I went, all of the workers were extremely kind and the restaurant atmosphere was peaceful. Everything on the menu was under $20 which was such a steal for the beautiful presentation and unique flavors.

I got to peek inside the kitchen during their latest big event, Family Favorites Reimagined, where students from the Special Events class were able to showcase their own recipes inspired by their childhood. There were Filipino, Japanese, American and many other cuisines presented. Many students were assigned to a chef to help prepare their specific dish, others were on the floor acting as servers. It was great to see the student-led operation in full swing and everyone’s attention to detail.

Channelle San was one of the students presenting her own recipe that night. She said she felt “nervous at first but now it’s just exciting. I always do it for family and friends so it’s nice to share it with others.”

Students in the program have several events to practice their skills throughout their time in the culinary program. Rachel Daguio, a first-year student shared about the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival where they get to work alongside internationally-renowned chefs. When asked about how she likes the culinary program so far, she said, “At first it was a little bit stressful, but over time I started to have more fun and freedom.” 

Another culinary student, Jordan Jones shared about the collaborative process in the program. Earlier in the semester he volunteered for a tasting where the Special Events class presented personal dishes. “We would try a portion of their dish and give criticism on what we thought could make it better.” He enjoyed the whole process and is already thinking about what recipe he might want to serve when it's his turn to take the class.

The Pearl has limited lunch hours, but I highly recommend you carve out an hour to enjoy some of the best dishes for prices that can’t be beat. Reservations are limited to groups six or less. Stay tuned for special events like their Student Menu Weeks and annual Culinary Arts Fundraising Gala, L’ulu.

Spring 2024 Hours:

January 24th - April 26th

Wednesday - Friday, 11:30AM-12:30PM

IG: @leewardculinary

Scan the QR to view menus, make reservations and hear about upcoming events

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