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Hō`ikeākea gallery

Photos by Kainoa Kaeha & Sue Ann Juskowich

Did you know Leeward Community College has its very own art gallery on campus? April 2023 marked the opening of the Hō‘ikeākea Gallery, located in AM 101, facing the courtyard. The gallery is a small but mighty one, packed with diverse and meaningful art.

According to the gallery’s website, the gallery name was inspired by a Hawaiian Studies exhibit in the Leeward CC Library. The word Hōʻikeākea means “the broad expanse of knowledge - to exhibit, reveal and inspire.” The space has been featuring different works of students, faculty and artists of Hawaii and beyond.

It’s a great spot to roam around by yourself, with a special someone or even as a family outing. When I last attended there was only me and one other guest, offering a mellow break between work and classes.

In case you missed it, one of the latest exhibits, titled “Ghosts of War,” ran through most of fall and winter 202. The collection was curated by Andrzej Kramarz, a photography lecturer.

The exhibit description read, “the abundance of terms such as 'war' and 'armed conflict' have become commonplace in our lexicon, rendering them unsettling light while downplaying the gravity of violent acts committed by humans to humans… Ghosts of War is a vital reflection on how issues of war infiltrate our lives overtly and discreetly, urging an acknowledgment of war's enduring resonance across time, geography, and convention.”

“Float On” is the newest installation which opened on January 13 and runs until March 23, 2024. It features 15 artists “expanding the confines of photography and conventional picture-making processes.”

Phil Jung, photography lecturer, was the curator of this exhibit. He writes that, “the show contemplates that every photograph is a memoria, a testament to the passage of time and the inevitability that all things will eventually float on.”

Enjoy the current exhibit while you can, then go again for future installation to experience something new each time. Recent exhibits have been only staying for a couple of months, so don’t wait too long to see these.

Scan for the gallery’s website for updates about future exhibits: 

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